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Skills Programme Living Skills

Living Skills

Living Skills is a self-training program under Superkids that focused on the development of critical and creative thinking, educate participants to be more competitive and enthusiastic through training modules that have been prepared.

1. Effective Communication

This topic introduces unique approaches in making Superkids programme a vibrant learning environment that provides the opportunity for children to develop language through four major components i.e. speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

Program Structure

  • Session 1: Video screening / Discussion
  • Session 2: Group Training
  • Session 3: Effective Communication

2. Creating Success + Psychology + Motivation

This topic explores the areas of the brain as they relate to learning, and how nature and nurture affect brain development. Upon successful completion of this topic, a student should be able to identify how to learn and think creatively and critically in order to achieve a stated objective.

3. Foundation In Social Media

This topic identifies the importance and regulations while browsing social media sites. Learning right techniques as a preventive measure from becoming the victim of 'cyber bullying', right etiquette while surfing social media sites and many more.

4. Career Talks & Personal Development

This topic include an introduction to the personality of the individual, personality development and phases the people experienced during the process. At the end of program, participants able to identify their personality and career that suits them in the future.

Program structure

  • Session 1 - Slideshow
  • Session 2 - Group training

5. Grooming & Personalities

This topic emphasizes the importance of adopting a clean and healthy lifestyle. Participants will learn about the importance healthy body and self-care, how some diseases can be transmitted, the means and methods to maintain personal hygiene.


Outdoor is one of the most effective and influential life-changing activity. We believe in progressive adventure based and educational experience are the best tools to teach campers the uniqueness of nature, value of teamwork, communication and reflection.

Based on a variety of different environmental and outdoor themes, each session is packed with great activities, projects and games designed to give campers insight and appreaciation for nature, environment and other aspects of adventure.

Highly qualified and experienced facilitators are skilled in observing group processes and place emphasis on team building and the importance of the roles of all members of a team.


  • To ensure a highly stimulating and interactive environment to engage participant of all learning styles.
  • To introduce and promote experimental learning. Learn by 'Doing'
  • To encourage participants to challenge themselves and learn the value of risk taking and thinking laterally.
  • Use of dynamic, creative review technique. Participants are also encouraged to challenge themselves through the reflection and review process.
  • To enhance and inculcate respect to the nature and environment

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