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Superkids All Stars Football (SAF) is a courses are characterized by work intensity, rigorous learning and mental demands. However, it is guaranteed a strong learning, enthusiasm throughout the practice. Despite the hard work intensity, the players are aware of their progress and are looking forward to the next day to continue improving.

The program focuses on the development of essential technical components to the best individual player performance, decision, game intelligence, control, dribbling, passing, driving, shooting, heading in the case of the goalkeepers: blocking, passing, ball control, one on one.

The courses are designed to develops not just in physical (technique) but also will emphasized on mental development (attitude toward individual and team).

The SAF ran in two periods of time; before and after tournament particularly international tournament. Before the tournament the SAF is a very high intensity program and following a specified timeframe. Basically we are preparing the team and our long term objective is to bring the team to the children WORLD CUP tournament.

After the tournament we will continue the training and focus more on the individual technique and teach them how to use the technique learned in the game situation.


  • Malaysian, Permanents Resident & Expatriate
  • Children 7 to 9 years old.


Please contact us to set an appointment and FREE TRIAL.


  • Every Saturday & Sunday (Before Tournament)
    • SK Jalan Bellamy, Bukit Petaling, 50460, Kuala Lumpur (next to Alice Smith International School)
    • Saturday : 05.00 to 07.00 pm
    • Sunday : 03.30 to 05.30 pm
  • Every Saturday (After Tournament)
    • SK Jalan Bellamy, Bukit Petaling, 50460, Kuala Lumpur (next to Alice Smith International School)
    • From Saturday : 05.00 to 07.00 pm


  • Football training (every Saturday & Sunday) /  4 hours training session every week
  • Friendly matches (every forth week of the month)
  • Partcipate in LOCAL Tournaments:
    • FRIENDSHIP JUNIOR LEAGUE U8/ U10/ U12/ U14 (organized by Superkids) from April to May
    • JUNIOR PREMIER LEAGUE (U6/ U8/ U10) from Oct to April
  • 8 WONDERS U8/ U10/ U12/ U14 (organized by Superkids)
  • Partcipate in LOCAL INTERNATIONAL Tournaments:
    • Bangkok Soccer School (BSS) International Tournament
    • Hanoi Youth Soccer League (HYFL) International Tournament
    • JSSL Singapore Internatinal Tournament
    • Future Plans : Dana Cup Denmark; Paris World Game,Gothia Cup Sweden & China

COACHING FEES (Per person)

Pay as You Go 12 Weeks / 2 Sessions Per Week / 2 hours Per Sessions
Coaching Fee RM50.00 RM960.00
Friendly Match RM25.00 - - -
Local & International Tournaments/ Leagues T.B.C*

* Subject to the tournament fee, duration, number of player participated & location of the tournament.