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Superkids Sports is an effort to contribute and help the country to produce rows of young players through sport development program particularly in football. The training module is emphasizing both physical and mental approach thus laying an essential foundation of professional characteristic among players which help them in the future

Established in 2013 and currently have 150 registered players, age 4 to 12 years old. The lead coach Muzafar Abdul Mutalib (Coach Muz) is a very experienced coach not just to train local kids but also expatriate kids. He is passionate coach with a fondness and affinity with little kids. Muz personifies a coach with high responsibility, knowledge and professional execution. His deep understanding of how kids think and develop makes him one of the most sought after coaches in the Klang Valley (greater Kuala Lumpur city area) and beyond

Our coaches are "kids friendly" and they have experiences and abilities to handle small children

Our Philosophy

We are the only local academy in Klang Valley that have ability to train the kids below 6 years old. Our coaches are "kids friendly" and they have experiences and abilities to handle the small children.

Coaching children Under 6 years of age present some additional challenges due to their immaturity, short attention span, and less developed muscles. You will also need to deal with a great variation between personalities, physical size and abilities. Your objective should be for all of the kids to have fun, make friends, and learn some soccer skills that will help them should they decide to come to the next level.

You should not expect to win all of your games or expect everyone to listen to long lectures. Your goal is to introduce them to basic concepts like dribbling and kicking and make it enough fun that they want to keep playing as their bodies and minds mature. Go down to their level of thinking. Don't try to bring them up to yours. What was fun when you were four years old? The kid who is watching seagulls will tell you were the greatest coach in the world if he had fun. He will have fun when he kicks the ball or at least when he makes an attempt and get praise instead of criticsm

For scheduled activities, please refer to Programme Calendar here
Training Session
  • Check out our training sessions below and experience it yourself
  • Every Saturday
    SK Jalan Bellamy

    Bukit Petaling 50460 Kuala Lumpur
    (next to Alice Smith International School)
    From 02.30pm to 04.30pm
  • Every Sunday
    Mardi B Football Field

    Persiaran Mardi-UPM,43400
    Serdang,Selangor Darul Ehsan
    From 08.30am to 10.30am

Just bring your children to our training session for FREE TRIAL.

What are the Benefits
  • Football Training (every Saturday & Sunday) / 4 hours training session every week
  • Friendly match (once a month)
    U8 / U10/ U12 (organized by Superkids)
    (U6 / U8 / 10)
    U10 / U12
  • Under 8 Football Tournament / WONDERS 8'S
Who can Participate ?
  • Open to Superkids members and non-member
  • Age from 4 to 12 years old
  • Registration fees of RM150.00
    • Includes Superkids membership fee
    • Free one full set of jersey
    • Free One Superkids T-Shirt
  • Monthly fees of RM70.00

More Info, call us at:-
012-379 2768 (Rizal)
019-9021556 (PokYa)
019-361 0808 (Coach Muz)
019-266 7962 (Fadli)

Tel/Fax: 03 8940 9444