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Members Overview

Members Overview


Superkids is a living skills programme that focuses on students aged 18 and below to empowers their everyday skills of learning and exposed them to the practicality of learning outside the classroom. Each and every activities constructed under Superkids are aimed to sharpen the cognitive skills of every Superkids members and also to achieve the following objectives:

  • To practice fun and practical activities and learning method outside the classroom.
  • To enhanced creativity, imagination, and self-confidence.
  • To promote creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

By participating in all of the activities under Superkids, students will be able to:

  • Develop excellent communication skills.
  • Practice good social behaviour’s etiquette.
  • Determined and focuses on life goals.
  • Nourish a high motivational spirit in oneself.

Be a part of Superkids now and enjoy more benefit:

  • Free membership card
  • Members are entitled to enjoy discounted rate when shopping with our certified merchant across Malaysia.
  • Enjoy discounted rate fees for every activities organized by Superkids.
  • Free 1 Superkids T-shirt valued worth RM20.00
  • 1 time membership payment of RM20.00
  • Superkids Dashboard access account full with online features etc
  • Additional RM20.00 registration fee for 2nd kid onwards


Programme description

  • Superkids Sport - Superkids Sports is an effort to contribute and help the country to produce rows of young players through sport development programme particularly in football. The training module is emphasizing both physical and mental approach thus laying an essential foundation of professional characteristic among players which help them in the future.
  • Edu-Fun Trip - Edu Fun Trip is a program which provides an opportunity for primary and secondary school students to gain excessive knowledge outside the academic learning process. This exposure is great for helping these students to get more information and experiences
  • School Holiday Camp - School Holiday Camp is a fun loaded educational program for students to fill their leisure time during the school holidays. Through this program, students can participate in numerous beneficial activities besides can learn variety of new things.
  • Living Skills - Living Skills is a self-training program under Superkids that focused on the development of critical and creative thinking, educate participants to be more competitive and enthusiastic through training modules that have been prepared.
  • Creative Note Taking - Creative Note Taking is a specifically designed program to educate students about the effective techniques in mind maps and note taking for preparation of big examination day
  • Fun Math - Fun Math Games is an interactive mathematics workshop that able to train students especially weak students to mastering this subject at least by 30%. Fun Math Games also involves latest technology in mathematics learning together with fun interactive method to make this program intellectually challenging
  • Fun English - Fun English is a program that focuses on English as a second language that can be enjoyed by Superkids members. English language learning through Fun English is far easier, effective and practical where it is accessible through online anywhere. Having a variety of modules, levels and stages of learning, Fun English gives a freedom to choose desired level that suits user ability from basic to more effective level.

Terms and condition for member's registration:

  • Malaysian citizen
  • Foreigners with citizenship status
  • Expatriate
  • Aged 18 years old and below

How to Register:

  • Fill up online registration form (with online payment)
  • Any inquiries regarding Registration, please email to or please contact 0123740631 (Azura) / 0193610808 (Muz)

Register now and experience the fun and enjoy-full activities with Superkids now!!!