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The True Meaning of Friendship

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. Football is a family of team sports that involve kicking a ball to score a goal and it also known as the most popular sports in the world. When we combined the two words, it become “Friendship Football” which sounds more powerful and meaningful. In football, the factors such as race, gender, skin colour, language and religion are not the resistant factors to them to play as a team. In order to develop a good football match, the players need to work as a team to score goals and win the game.

"United through friendship"

In this “Friendship Football”, we are promoting friendly and control environment for the grassroot level to learn and develop their football technique and skill through a friendly competition. The “Friendship Football” has a number of objectives that aim to ensure positive, enjoyable and safe experience to the childrens in the sport of football. Those objectives include the following:

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The Junior Premier League (JPL) is a season long new league for kids from 6 to 10 years old. It runs from October till May every year. If you have children who loves football, your dream is just about to come true. A league of its own, JPL is an open football league to promote the love of the game.

Good, clean and healthy competition for all; a maximum of 36 teams, up to 720 kids, in 25 amazing weeks, and 50 thrilling games. Supported by a comprehensive website, it has a spanking display of all needed information; all the statistics, fixtures, results, tables match reports, training videos, streaming of games, team profiles, and feature stories on players, games, equipment, and teams.

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Superkids participated in JPL every year. If you son is interested to play for Superkids in JPL kindly register as our member.

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Starting 1 July 2017, new registration and payment can be done online. Please click the button below to register.

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Any inquiries regarding Registration, please email to or please contact 0123740631 (Azura) / 0193610808 (Muz).